It’s a thin line

“a thin line”

A very narrow division between two alternatives, one of which is much worse than the other.

When sharing about spiritual experience the thin line mentioned above can become razor sharp and a partisan insistence can seem to overtake any such message in the response patterns of people to having received a message about a spiritual experience, even when the transmission is as utterly nondenominational as the word love, is utterly nondenominational.

This is the razor that I stand upon.

Does this mean that I have to simply close down and shut up?

If my message is merely self generated in my intellect, then yes, to save embarrassment all round, it would be best to shut up.

However, the message that I carry is not an intellectual construct, not a theory that I have that is erected in the wrestling ring of the usual process of disassembly that passes as academic rigour.

What I carry is who I am, rather than something that I have.

Love is not about atheism or theism, the sacred disease of Addiction evidences this fact, for the recovery from Addiction is secured by the language of the heart not the logic of the head.

Yet, logic must serve the communication of the heart if there is to be any chance of such a transmission being received by anyone at all in the wider world, not least by those in the most urgent need as evidenced by their undeniable powerlessness and unmanageability in any of the forms of the disease of stuck and broken addiction.

Here then is the razor, the paradoxical yet logical edge, that has to and can cut through the callous layers of dead inner skin that have grown over Mankind’s ability to believe in a Common Metaphysical Source.

Where there is delusional behaviour and religious mania it may seem an even more impossible scenario to talk of a spiritual remedy for such bizarre and threatening behavioural manifestations.

However, the energy in such powerfully disruptive scenarios, whether individual or collective, can in fact be returned to a vehicle of articulation that can then engage with practical problem solving and coherency.

This word coherency is important, for delusional religiosity becomes stuck in a kind of cotherency as impossible renditions of supposed scriptural interpretation are foisted upon all and sundry, even up to the point of terrorist acts, as if all such action was an enforcement of God’s will.

There is an apocryphal story about Moses who – upon hearing a man walking down a road saying, “where is my baby Lord that I may worship Him, that I may bring Him gifts, wash His tiny feet, sing His lovely praises for ever?” – responded angrily by shouting, “how dare you wander around spouting such nonsense about the ineffable Majesty and Power of the all consuming and creative Lord of All?”

At that, the man screamed and ran off into the desert wailing.

Moses immediately received an intimation from God, “I did not send you to sow further discord and pain amongst those trying to reach Me by whatever means their stage seems to make sense to them, you are sent to bear witness to the Unity of My existence.”

Moses was distraught at this and immediately saw his error, he searched all over for the man for a long time and eventually having found him, ran up to him apologising profusely for having criticised his prayers and worship.

The man accepted the apology from Moses, but then thanked him, he said, “when you first announced your reactions to me I was so shocked I thought that I was dying, I couldn’t find a belief in anything anymore. In the desert, unable to eat or drink eventually I asked God to help me and I was suddenly taken to such a deep insight that I can hardly put it into words, so I promise you all is well.”

This story encapsulates much of the challenge facing Mankind today. It is why Bill W., one of the founders of the 12 Step Programme, described Alcoholics Anonymous as the container of a spiritual kindergarten.

The foundations of any knowledge applicable to Mankind’s life on Earth are those containing creative principles that are ultimately shown to be factually believable.

Yet as “expanding knowledge” seems to destroy what was previously believed to have been impossible, the locus of all belief which is the Heart, must ever renew its ancient causal primordial anchorage, lest Love is lost.

This is the thin line, it is the global situation facing Mankind today, maybe it has been the situation perennially facing Mankind.

How can a Metaphysical solution make any sense to a seemingly physical problem?

I repeat, this is the razor that I stand and serve upon in a world of Mankind that increasingly can no longer deny that by any analysis of current events, is standing upon this same thin line with me, whether it likes it or not.

Demonstrations of Power

“This message of gaining release from outer systems of thought and opinion is simple and it works without directly confronting the legitimate outer governing forces in any way – just leave them be – look to your own change individually and then let Faith bring you together in groups as your personal interest and volition deem necessary, joyous and practical to share your social requirements and spiritual experience – to share and to grow.”

When I wrote this in 1997, shortly after August 31st which is the date that Princess Diana died, I had a sense of the connectivity that the Internet promised.

Any physical action is grist to the mill of the physical governments. Any physical war, or mass rally that is the necessary preempt to warfare, is acceptable to the warmongers. Divide and rule thrives on the mass manipulations that are so easy to inflict upon the raw energy of mass physical dissent.

So, the mass rally in silence, that spontaneously occurred after Princess Diana was killed in a car crash, is the possibility of a new mass statement if there is to be a physical message to rulers.

What the Internet offers is the possibility of a metaphysical cohesion that can be a catalyst to changes that are sought physically.

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Whilst we have the Internet that is so vital to the movement of money, commerce and political powers, we have the ability to insulate ourselves from the physical terminal of powers and activate an insulated metaphysical terminal of power within ourselves and each other.

What is more powerful than a mass movement is the individual connection to Light that a spiritual practice establishes.

The invisible force managing The Earth has more power than the visible forces of physical government. Even Donald J. Trump admitted on his recent mass meeting campaign trail that he was a “germophobe”. This shows his unwitting awareness of the reality of life on Earth and his fear of things he can’t see or control.

Governments through the ages are frightened of only one war. Governments are frightened by the invisible threat, which is why they both try to read the intention of other powers as well as try to influence invisibly through espionage and subversion the intentions of others.

Governments are clumsy machines and no matter how “sharp” individual people might hold themselves to be, governments are blunt instruments of power. History is a testament to the hacking of the fabric of life that the feckless knives of political powers have inflicted upon the their subjects.

This era change that is so powerfully landing with us all physically is being driven by the metaphysical, as always.

So, whatever your definition of metaphysical may presently be, this is the definition to work upon to gain more resolution as to the real picture, the bigger picture of the swirling events that appear before our physical senses.

Of us and for us


It is of no practical use getting lost in conspiracy, piracy or any other view of rulers and their ruled. It is more probable that the major players on the world stage today are stuck in a mix of national, party and geopolitical financial drivers that renders their actions opaque to anybody’s crystal clear cultural analysis. What is needed is diagnosis.

Oil and gas production and their reserve levels have driven the history of the world throughout all of the last one hundred and twenty years.

We, the people, must look to ourselves first if we wish to understand our ruling elites. We are not to be trusted if the oil runs out. We would riot and kill each other, we would not stand in docile queues like starving Africans; hence our rulers are frightened.

Added to this fear of us, they are frightened for us.
The experiences of the last century have buckled the nation’s leaders’ consciences. Twenty million Russians killed in the Second World War, twenty million Russians killed by Stalin. Six million Jews killed by the Germans after a rearmament funded by mysterious backers. Hundreds of thousands, into many millions, killed on all sides in all the global wars. Millions of Chinese killed in their internal revolutions. Then the Cold War, proxy war, civil war, phoney war, terrorist war …. national leaders frightened for us yet unable to let us or each other into their secret knowledge of events and intentions. All of this, plus trying to contend with those anti-social forces who have always seen their only worth in criminally organised contraband, counterfeit, fraud, prostitution, illicit substances, violence, feeding and worshipping vice whilst craving their place in the pretence of virtue and public personas.

Clans, clubs, sects, secret societies, religions, prophecies, all claiming truth and members stretching back into the mists of time that gives them exclusive rights to vet and predict spiritual phenomena.

There is One unto whom all hearts are open and no secrets are hid.

Like a thief in the night, reality overturns the status quo.

Private suppliers of capital, of money, of credit and of insurance now straddle the global stage. Nation states are reduced to running their economies like franchised outlets of an overarching Monetary Brand that is underpinned by the IMF and the Central Banking System.

The political disconnect that now infects up to sixty percent of the first world electorate threatens the plans of even the most hardened global profiteer.

The word “constitution” links the individual, the corporate and the national body.

If the ruling function of the corporate and the political worlds are to have a chance of daring to get through the first two steps of being eventually 12 stepped back to sanity, then the electorates are going to have to help them, to encourage them.

Those folks in the disconnected sixty percent need to do the one thing that they don’t want to do – that is to reconnect

Like the anomaly in the Matrix who ran at the enemy and entered inside the morphing body to get free, so the Constitutional process has to be fully re-entered into, to move out of the collected personal logjams that account for the collective logjam.

Occupy movements and the Anonymous organisation simply harden the duality. Joining all the main parties or giving the membership subs as a donation if expelled under partisan rules, breaks through into a unified field.

Then the adoption of the sickness diagnosis as a portal of mutual international cooperation by the presently insane global political classes will free their national constitutions to focus on establishing new forms of finance, policing, utility provision and defence that are fit for a twenty first century purpose.

The present febrile atmosphere surrounding celebrity sex scandals does not help with the global diagnosis of stuck-addiction. For the many scores of victims involved in the sordid breakdown of trust and sex instinct boundaries, the effects of abuse are now national and international news.

For the many millions of people in Europe who are living under draconian financial measures as a direct result of abuse by bankers and financiers, abuse that is destroying psyches, marriages, families and dreams, their day in court to face their abusers is denied to them. Only Iceland managed to navigate through the window of healing offered by the last financial crash, led by their President, they sacked the government, rewrote the Constitution and sent the criminal bankers to prison.

The spectrum of stuck-addiction© for an individual ranges across the three instincts of security, social and sex. The addictions that materialise though different in impact and criminal potentiality are actually not in a hierarchy of “niceness”, they are all the same. Any money addict, any sex addict, any food addict, any gambling addict, any power/controlling addict etc etc although materially different in legality and apparent intensity, are in fact all linked by and in a common and singular diagnostic profile.

We, the people, have the power in a democracy, not just once every four or five years, but at every moment. If we don’t engage, the husbanding potential of political leadership will always breach it’s promise, broken and burnt by power. The silent majority may have to regularly demonstrate during any era change by simply turning out peacefully as happened during the silent march of over a million to mark the passing of the living cracked symbol that was Princess Diana. That core of silent connected sanity is present in all cultures ready to stand and witness. Now is the time to witness, to simply silently stand. Let’s say once a week on a Sunday at 1100 hours in front of your local government buildings. Stand for fifteen minutes then disperse. No agenda, no violence, just be. Either go, or imagine that you’re there, actually makes no difference, just be. The hysteria of current events and phoney narratives must dissipate if our global culture is to avoid another common meltdown.

There is a way of seeing ourselves differently that empowers our leaders to admit that they need our help to secure our common survival.

Heal your own inner animosity mindfully and diligently, then the animosity of other folks can be reflected lovingly back to source.