Spiritual Principles – making the fire cool

It is said that God “made the fire cool” for Abraham when his enemies threw him into the fire for challenging their corruption with the simple statement that there is “no God, but One God”.

In this era, this age of technology, terror, counter-terror, political sterility, conspiracy theory, corporate interference, hidden plutocrats, natural disaster, financial mismanagement, amazing achievement, colossal wastage …. the stories of the Patriarchs tell us that nothing much has changed wherever the exercising of great power by the few over the many is involved.

All power comes from One Source.

That may be difficult for the divided brain to understand, for the brain riven with inner animosity that needs the outer screen of otherness and events to project the trickle charge of its experience that passes as its life, to understand.

However, as Abraham’s story witnesses, the only way to confront the excesses and imbalances of earthly power and survive, the only way, is to acknowledge the source of all power as One, then to hang on to the rope of that singular fact.

If those that have more power than you and are intent on harming you are confronted head on, then prepare to be overcome.

If the single source of all power is attached to first, then the fire of your opponents’ power is made cool for you, if their power actually has transgressed beyond bounds.

If an opponent’s given power hasn’t transgressed beyond bounds and you find yourself in a confrontation with the powerful, then even if you are attached to the single source of all power, you will be burned. Such sacrifice is not wasted however, it may accelerate the eventual transgression of an opponent’s given bounds and their subsequent demise and you will travel home with a clear conscience and in good faith: or, if the challenge is erroneous and unconscionable, the greater power in victory may further awake to stay in bounds and eras of great peace will ensue.

The moral of the story being that whatever you do is right if it is from your conscience and if you have truly exhausted all inner efforts to avoid outer confrontation first, by submitting your situation to The One, loving Itself, in Itself, from Itself, by Itself, to Itself.

Then, whether you win or lose, The One empowers and protects, however in all matters, the inner battle in an individual is the most important fight. The battle to be interiorly whole is the actual message of all the Messengers – the Western religions, the Bhagavad Gita, Buddhism – for if enough people win through in that great personal battle in an era, peace is exteriorly guaranteed.

Man proposes, God disposes.

So what does that arcane language mean to the internet savvy sophisticates of the twenty first century? Well, for a start, the above arcane language issues from the undivided brain of a contemporary man. If that fact doesn’t command respect and curiosity then let’s try to find a way to help you anyway 😉

What the old stories try to convey is that the duality power, however or whatever it appears to be, is always stuck in that duality paradigm mine and not mine, or me and my enemy.

When you realise that your enemy is given to you from the same place that you originate from, you might still temporarily hate him/her, but the dynamic of any eventual confrontation is irrevocably altered.

Propaganda is designed to promote amnesia around the fact of a common Source Code for the different cultures of mankind. (link added February 2019) Political propaganda removes the dots from the ☯️ Yin-Yang of the actual eternal Human template, to pirate Mankind into a compound of an ideology’s limited temporal power grab of what always degenerates into a personality based Empire.

Fear of death, then actually killing anyone (actually or reputationaly) who refuses to join in on any campaign against the other side, is the fuel pellet of command and control through these ages past into the present day.

This world is a workhouse, a bridge. A place cast in space to pass through from a place, to a place. The physical body is a passing vehicle to enable you to pass through this passing place.

Or to translate this by transposing another meaning to the word pass.

This world is a workhouse, a bridge. A place cast in space to die through from a place, to a place. The physical body is a dying vehicle to enable you to die through this dying place.

If this seems just too too impossible to be true, then check with the ancient Bhagavad Gita.

We all pass: who then fails?


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