Quantum Christ – Light upon Light

There is a parable in the New Testament about Christ Jesus asleep in the back of a boat during a storm whilst his disciples are terrified and go to Him to ask for His help.

Eugène Delacroix 1853

This parable foretells Quantum Mechanics and of how light is both wave and particle.

This is Light upon Light

When the parable is fully internalised it describes a journey to becoming a realised person. The storm is the interface with a person’s particular life experiences which are often calamitous and stormy. This is left brain experience. The Christ Jesus represents the wave function of light, invisible and omnipresent.

So, in the parable the storm and the boat full of disciples symbolise light particles, Christ Jesus symbolises light waves.

When concentrating upon the light particles of appearances, the light waves seem to collapse, our Spirituality sleeps: when concentrating upon the light waves of our experienced Spirituality the light particles of appearances disappear and outer turbulence and chaos abates.

The mind is a quantum template designed to access the visible and invisible energy that is Light. It can only experience this design having left the Descartes conditioning. Stuck and broken Addiction exposes this mental shift in a personal spiritual recovery via the 12 Step vehicle.

The sheet below looks at an original awareness of the mind and of the pressure system that is the correct appreciation of simple, universal feelings as they produce complex, personal emotions.

Column 2 Line 2: Mind is simply the sixth sense.

So, this little parable gives a message that has travelled like a Zen koan to me over the centuries, that can be read only now in the light of modern physics that has now caught up with Ancient metaphysics.

I am all the characters in the parable. When in the storms of life, it is as if my inner spirit has collapsed asleep, as if I was only seemingly absent. When I access my inner spirit, my problems calm down and virtually disappear, as if they were only seemingly present .

You are invited to be all the characters in the calming of a storm parable too. May what you knew be ever opened to what is truly new for you: to know yourself now.